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CRA releases new form for reporting beneficial ownership of trusts

Trustees must use Schedule 15 to report names, addresses and tax information numbers for beneficiaries

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Feds release draft changes to pension rules for “unlocatable” members

Draft rules are intended to help administrators match beneficiaries with unclaimed pension benefits

CRA says trustees must report on contingent beneficiaries too

Agency requires names, addresses and taxpayer information numbers under expanded trust reporting rules

How employee ownership trusts limit estate planning

Challenges for business-owner clients include taxable disposition and compliance costs

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How is an FHSA taxed at death?

It’s not too early to consider the estate implications if someone dies while holding an FHSA

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Understanding the CPP death benefit

The amount has been falling in real terms

  • By: Lea Koiv
  • May 12, 2023 June 30, 2023
  • 10:59
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Digital tools make life easier for executors

Estate professionals are also adopting platforms to streamline the administration process

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Employee ownership trusts introduced, but with no incentives

Advocate suggests EOT legislation, as proposed in the 2023 federal budget, will not lead to increased employee ownership

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Court refuses to force capacity assessment on unwilling senior

B.C. decision could close door on court-ordered capacity assessments, highlighting the importance of helping clients establish estate documents

Raymond James acquires Solus Trust

Vancouver-based trust company manages $400 million in assets

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Former fund rep sanctioned over clients’ estate disclosures

Potential conflicts involving clients' wills weren't reported to dealer

Common gaps when appointing an attorney for property and personal care

A case study explains the challenges

Can an executor quit?

Yes, but it’s complicated


No duty to disclose beneficiary change, court finds

A widow sued her brokerage firm, alleging it failed to tell her about a change in her husband's accounts

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B.C. lawyers still wary after a year of electronic wills

Lawyers suggest there are too many unknowns in the process to sway them from more traditional methods

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Withdrawal strategy can help retirees reduce tax hit

Helping clients establish a "hierarchy of withdrawals"

Power of attorney and incapacity planning: Do you have a plan?

Addressing estate planning’s ignored middle child

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Disinheriting a child easier in some provinces than others

Recent legal cases highlight varying testamentary freedom across Canada

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What to know about the new intergenerational transfer rules

Business owners planning for succession must meet certain criteria

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Disinherited children win big in Alberta and B.C. courts 

Such scenarios are becoming increasingly common as estate sizes increase, a Vancouver lawyer suggests


Ontario amends estate forms, again, to clarify instructions

The province aims to streamline probate applications and speed the court review process

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Helping your clients talk to kids about money

The conversation should reflect their age and stage of life

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Breaking down the ‘executor’s year’

Some beneficiaries are entitled to interest on their inheritance starting one year after death

time is money

Estate planning with TFSAs

Avoid the tax consequences of not distributing a TFSA quickly after the account holder dies

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What your clients should know about real estate renos and repairs

For the best tax treatment, distinguish between current and capital expenses